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Favourable prices, clean execution and an all-round carefree package for your removal and transport. We will tell you quickly and individually what it will cost:


Removal company Berlin - Europe-wide removals with our removal service and full customer satisfaction

Berlin removals company with top ratings and fair prices. Removal, transport, storage, packing & disposal

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The most important questions first:
What does a move cost? How can I reduce the cost of the move?

Generalised information is simply dubious here. Removal cost calculators such as those offered by many removal companies are maximum simplifications of a task that is never a lump sum. They do not take into account individual circumstances or the customer's wishes and expectations.
So talk to us right away. That way you'll know quickly and precisely what your move will cost!
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Are you looking for an experienced, reliable and professional removal company in Berlin for local, regional or even Europe-wide and international removals? Then you are definitely not wrong with KLASSIK removal company and removal service.

Are you also looking for good service, top quality and all this at a really fair price? Then welcome to our removal and transport offer.

KLASSIK Umzüge Berlin is a small but excellent Berlin removals company with a lot of experience and always high motivation. We can pass this experience on to you as a moving customer as a fair price, because nothing lowers the price better than precise planning and professional, customised offers. We are not the cheapest - who is the cheapest in Berlin and especially for how long - but with us you always get the best removal services at a fair price.

Why choose us? Our removal company - your removal service advantages

Vorteil 1Fast and free quotation preparation

With us, everything is quick and easy. You tell us the details via the request for quotation or we come round and record everything.

Vorteil 2Free on-site viewing appointments

We are always there for you. We will visit you in Berlin and the surrounding area and you will quickly receive your personalised offer.

Vorteil 3Professional & individual move planning

Moving means stress - but we are happy to take it off your hands. We take care of the entire relocation planning and realisation.

Vorteil 4Settlement with employer or authority

If your employer or job centre pays for your move, we will make a direct settlement.

Vorteil 4Experience that pays off for you

Only those who know their way around can offer a professional service at a fair price. This is what KLASSIK Umzüge Berlin stands for.

Vorteil 4Customer satisfaction - that's what counts

Google for us. Our many satisfied customers rate us diligently. Thank you very much for that too.

Save even more with additional loads?
We are not always able to fully utilise all our tours and especially return journeys. Where possible, we therefore offer suitable additional loads. This means fewer empty runs for us and even more favourable conditions for you. And, of course, it also protects the environment. Perhaps there is something for you.

Some of our services as a removal company in Berlin

Relocation Berlin

Private removals

For a successful start to a new phase of life - we do our best to ensure that everything runs smoothly during your private move.

Company relocation Berlin

Company relocation Berlin

A company relocation is usually a delicate matter - after all, it interferes greatly with the normal running of an office, law firm or practice.

Packing service Berlin

Packing service Berlin

Valuable and important items packed securely - our packing service is there for you to ensure that nothing is broken.

Entsorgung Berlin

Clearing out

Whether it's bulky waste, clearing out or clearing out homes and businesses - we make sure that everything is free and clean again soon.

Safe transport Berlin

Safe transport

Trained personnel and the right equipment are the necessary prerequisites for the transport of safes and vaults.

Storage Berlin


Whether in your own home or in a shop - you can quickly run out of free space. Storage provides a remedy at a low price.

Furniture storage Berlin

Furniture storage Berlin

We offer fast and affordable furniture storage in Berlin - including collection and delivery, of course.

Small move Berlin

Small move Berlin

Even a small move in Berlin can quickly become arduous and hectic. We are happy to help with small removals too.

Moving Berlin with KLASSIK Umzüge - what the satisfied customers of our Berlin removals service say

CHECK24 Profi Siegel Ratings for KLASSIK Umzüge Berlin

Top removal company - clear recommendation! Very professional, fast and friendly removal team! A clear recommendation, we are very happy that we decided in favour of Klassik Umzüge.

5 ★★★★★

(Klassik Umzüge Berlin)

- Sandy L. (KDE) / Sandy L.

Our move from Berlin to Upper Franconia. Everything was very organised, from planning to execution. We are very satisfied overall and had a good feeling about the move, especially without stress. Many thanks to the great team!

5 ★★★★★

(Klassik Umzüge Berlin)

- Anonymous (Proven Expert) /

I am very satisfied and will commission the company again when I return!

5 ★★★★★

(Klassik Umzüge Berlin)

- Anonymous (Proven Expert) /

Great removal team! Our move from Berlin to the surrounding area was at relatively short notice. But everything worked out well.

5 ★★★★★

(Klassik Umzüge Berlin)

- Anonymous (Proven Expert) /

Everything went perfectly! The advice was comprehensive but not intrusive and the removal team was very friendly and hard-working. Always happy to move again, even if we are glad not to have to move again for the time being. :-)

5 ★★★★★

(Klassik Umzüge Berlin)

- Anonymous (Proven Expert) /

Thank you very much for your excellent work. The transport of our kitchen furniture, part of which was to another flat and part of which was part of which was bulky waste, went absolutely smoothly and extremely quickly.

5 ★★★★★

(Klassik Umzüge Berlin)

- Kornelia J. (KDE) / Kornelia J.

Worked like a charm! Everything in the green zone! Guaranteed to be recommended!

5 ★★★★★

(Klassik Umzüge Berlin)

- Sergio M. (KDE) / Sergio M.

Satisfied with us? Then please rate us too: e.g. Kennstdueinen or Proven Expert. We would like to thank all customers who have taken the trouble to praise us or who have helped us to become even better with criticism and suggestions.

Top quality, fair price - the philosophy of the KLASSIK removal company Berlin

Like most removal companies in Berlin, we initially specialised in local and regional private removals and company removals. Over the years and thanks to many recommendations, our radius of action has continued to expand. Today, we help customers with their removals throughout Germany and large parts of Europe. In particular, trips to Italy, France, Spain and the Scandinavian countries of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark are now among our regular destinations. This is where we know our way around - this is where we can play to all our strengths.

And that's also what sets us apart as a Berlin removals company. We can pass on our experience to our customers in the form of fair prices, because only experience and good planning can effectively reduce costs in this industry. The quality of our work always takes centre stage and quite a few jobs lost to cheaper ‘movers’ eventually came back to us of their own accord. Quality pays off in the long term and with quality at a fair price, all sides always benefit. That is your advantage. And you can see that from our many good reviews.

Removal company Berlin costs

The costs for a removal are of course primarily dependent on 3 factors: The transport quantity, the transport route and the desired services. A removal company that wants to calculate this on a flat-rate basis with cost calculators cannot really operate seriously. As a removal company in Berlin, we therefore promise you fast quotes. We will come round, look at and listen to the job and you will immediately receive a quote for the costs of your move. That's how fair quotes work as a removal company!

Moving - all services from a single source

Hiring several service providers costs time, energy and nerves. We offer all removal services from a single source wherever possible. This makes it simple and uncomplicated for you. Whatever you need - furniture assembly, storage, house clearance, packing service or disposal - we will make you an offer for everything. This saves time, saves nerves and almost always saves money too.

Klassik Umzüge Berlin Klassik Umzüge Berlin

Removals - for private and commercial customers

Our removal company works for both private and commercial customers. From small private removals to large commercial removals, we help customers throughout Germany with their removal and transport problems. We are also happy to work with housing associations on a long-term basis and help with house clearance and business clearance.

Removals - simple and uncomplicated

In Berlin and the surrounding area, we are happy to visit you directly. We will record your removal and transport requirements on site and you will receive your personalised quote within a very short time. The only quicker way is with our removal goods list. Tell us WHEN, WHERE and WHAT and you will receive the corresponding offer from our removal company.

This is how moving and transport works with the KLASSIK moving company - in Berlin, in Germany or internationally

Of course we come to all Berlin districts (Berlin-Mitte, Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, Lichtenberg, Marzahn-Hellersdorf, Neukölln, Pankow, Reinickendorf, Spandau, Steglitz-Zehlendorf, Tempelhof-Schöneberg, Treptow-Köpenick, Weißensee,... as well as neighbouring towns and municipalities in Brandenburg (Oranienburg, Neuenhagen, Erkner, Königs Wusterhausen, Woltersdorf, Hoppegarten, Mittenwalde,...) for a free and non-binding viewing appointment.

This is how it works - quickly to your professional move

  • Send us a free and non-binding enquiry

    Contact us in the way that works best for you - via a comprehensive moving goods list, a brief contact enquiry, email or telephone. We'll get back to you and plan the rest of the process.

  • Fast on-site inspections

    We visit you or use video calls to get an idea of the removal goods and route.

  • You decide on the services you require

    Do you need a packing service or minor renovation work? Would you like to store some of your household effects? Do you need help communicating with employers or authorities? Choose exactly what you really want from our extensive range of removal services.

  • You will receive our binding offer

    If we know exactly what you need, all that's missing for a successful move is your OK. We stand for punctuality, reliability and professionalism.

Moving checklist - making your move even easier and stress-free

  • Hire a removal company early on

    The earlier the planning can begin, the better. Even last-minute appointments are usually no problem for our removal company, but experience shows that lead time is the best way to prevent unpleasant surprises.

  • Plan parking zones

    Especially in large cities, long removal routes on moving day can be stressful and unnecessary. With officially authorised parking zones, you can ensure that the move goes even more quickly and smoothly.

  • Organise your removal goods in advance

    Household items that are no longer needed can be donated or sold. What you foresee you will no longer need can be packed in advance and put to one side. Tidiness is a guarantee for less stress and faster processing, especially when moving.

  • Plan the ‘daily routine’ on moving day

    Take holidays in good time and plan for the care of children and pets. Check in advance which contracts need to be cancelled or changed and, if necessary, find out about legal regulations when moving abroad.

How can we help you? Just get in touch with us.
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